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A citation is an important and integral part of a thesis. It is mandatory to cite your references from which you have chosen your resources. In order to avoid plagiarism, it is good to cite each and every way from other resources and journals. Harvard referencing style is one of the most frequently used citation styles used by universities across the globe.

A literature review requires lots of reading so when it is required to cite your references it gives a sound and loud say that you have done a thorough literature read. It is also important to give credit for the ideas and key points used from other resources. So, in all thesis documents, citation and referencing has been given an equal footage and if some error made in such citation, then it is a plagiarism.

If a proper usage of another person’s work is not credited through references, then it is considered as duplicitous or cheating. In academic term, this is known as plagiarism. When a student is found out to use other’s work or rephrased their words without giving proper referencing then that person has to face serious consequences from the university board.

Apart from such serious plagiarism, referencing has got many positive aspects as well. Only when you have read voraciously about a topic, you will be able to produce a reference. When you show up with good references, it gives a good impression to the reader that the thesis is a well-researched content.

There are many styles of referencing followed by many universities. So, while you do your thesis make sure to have a word with your instructor and confirm the style of referencing followed. The University of Harvard has published many editions of citation which are used widespread in most of the accredited universities.

How Does Harvard Referencing Style Work?

Many universities prefer Harvard style referencing as it is an in-text citation style. In particular, there are two major parts in the Harvard reference style is in-text referencing and the list of references to be added at the end of your document. Harvard referencing needs accurate data of all the information required to reference in the right way. While you do literature reading, make sure to document the following then and there so that you don’t miss any of the references.

The Harvard citation style follows Harvard in-text referencing which are usually preferred by many colleges and it is easy to refer the journals in the same area of text. While referencing in Harvard style, you have to add the author or the book name, the year in which the book was published.

You can find the year of publication in first two pages of the book. The date and the name of the company can also be found in the Harvard bibliography information of the book. The in-text reference requires including page numbers of the book from which you have taken the reference.

Harvard referencing example for in-text reference is as follows:  if you are quoting the direct information from the book, then you have to quote the sentence along with the reference details. Some thoughts are best left unsaid’ when emotional issues cloud negotiation (Fisher, Ury and Patton, 1991: 37)

How to use Harvard Reference for Books/Journals

As per the Harvard referencing system, there are certain parameters followed in order to have a standardized format in all the journals and thesis. There might slight change in taking Harvard reference based upon the type of document you are referring.

The different types of documents used by students for referencing are journals, books and electronic resources. For books and journals, you can record: Author’s name, the year of publication, title of the book, various editions, if any, the city in which the book or journal was published and the name of the publisher.

In case, you are referencing any document from electronic resources, then you can document the following details like the date on which the source was accessed, the website link or email and the type of resources like email, website, discussion forum or web page. Apart from this, while Harvard referencing it is a healthy habit to add the page numbers from which you have taken the direct quotations or ideas from journals or articles.

While you write your thesis or assignment, it is a good practice to take your reference while you take details from other authors or books. This can be a time saver and also you won’t miss out even a single reference while you submit your thesis.

  1. Direct Quotations: At times, when you write a thesis, it might not be possible to avoid direct quotations from other authors. When an author’s words are precisely set for a definition or formula, then there is no option left out except to directly quote the lines. In such case, you can use the quotations by adding inverted commas to differentiate it from your work. While using direct quotations you have to Harvard citation with all the details right from capitalization, commas and full stop.
  1. Paraphrasing: this is an ideal of Harvard citation as you rephrase the text and also give credit to the author’s work and effort. Though, it is not required to use the inverted commas while referencing it but proper details in the reference list is must for paraphrasing reference.

How to Cite Using Harvard Style for Websites

Due to the advancement of technology, nowadays most of the references are taken from websites and discussion forums. If you have referred any of the websites, then Harvard referencing website can be done following the right referencing method.  Knowing the pain of completing the thesis within a stipulated time frame, reference generator is available online which can generate Harvard referencing just in a single click. Harvard referencing generator provides input fields like Name of website, year published,

Harvard referencing generator provides input fields like Name of website, year published, title of the website, website address and the day on which you accessed the resource. Once, the respective fields are filled up, you can generate the reference and if your instructor prefers the reference in HTML type, then you can generate such type of reference as well.


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