Dissertation Conclusion

The conclusion, as the name suggests, is the last part or chapter of a dissertation. The evaluators often attain an overview of the research by quickly going through the dissertation conclusion. However, drafting this section isn’t that easy because the writer may find difficulty in finding something interesting to say here. Dissertation conclusion is usually linked to research objectives set in chapter 1 or dissertation introduction, literature review and findings and analysis sections.

Dissertation conclusions should always attractive and interesting. Also, you must avoid using phrases such as ‘Therefore, let us conclude that..” as they not only shows the immaturity of the writer but also shows their sluggishness.

 What is dissertation conclusion?

The conclusion of a dissertation comes after the completion of the main body of your research. This is where you present the outcome or result of your research. The conclusion section of a dissertation must be written in a way that provides a solution or answers the research questions.

The conclusion section must be short and include relevant information about the final outcome. All the contrasting statements and unnecessary information must be avoided here. Rather you must focus on presenting the closing statement in an apt and crisp manner.

Since, this is the last part of your dissertation it is necessary to make it appealing, apt and to-the-point.

The importance of dissertation conclusion

In this chapter, the researcher presents the outcome of the entire investigation. Therefore, this section clearly speaks about the views and opinions of the researcher and also the knowledge attained by the study.

The dissertation conclusion section carries a lot of marks, so a student must ensure that it is been drafted only after doing an extensive study. Reading and revision of the data is necessary while writing the conclusion.

So, if you are planning to write your dissertation then you must understand how to go about it.

How to write dissertation conclusion?

You need to include the following aspects in order to write a perfect conclusion:

  • A summary of the main part of the research must be written in this section.
  • The deduction made on the basis of the main research study should be mentioned in the conclusion chapter.
  • Your personal opinion and understanding about the research question should be included.
  • The limitations of the research must be mentioned.
  • A word about the future based on what you have discussed in the research must be written.
  • Important facts which have not been mentioned in the main body should be included in the conclusion.

Broadly, the conclusion section must include the following contents:

  • A brief summary of main points (always avoid repetition in this section)
  • Concluding statements
  • Recommendations
  • Predictions
  • Solutions

The conclusion is the last and final section of your dissertation so it should indicate the fact that you are ‘rounding off’ the discussion. It is always suggested to carefully check the conventions in the field you are working upon.

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Chapter 5

Conclusion and recommendations

The study can conclude regarding the impact of brand design on purchasing intention of the customers. The study has intended to analyse influence on the purchasing intention at M&S clothing and fashion accessories mainly. In this context, it can conclude that majority of the respondents are brand conscious in the UK. However, this conclusion does not provide the needs to meet the objectives of the paper. Further, the responses have clearly expressed that majority of the people have specific preference regarding fashion apparels. So, it can be concluded that branding is important the UK retail market for clothing and fashion products. The test of hypothesis clearly shows that brand design can create positive impact on customer purchasing behaviour for M&S. Therefore, test of hypothesis has provided acceptable level of result for this model of investigation. All the objectives are linked with conclusion to achieve the outcome of this project.

Linking with objectives:

Linking with objective 1: To assess the significance of brand design process in current competitive scenario

The brand designing holds an important place in competitive scenario of retail segment in the UK. The surveyed result has shown that retail industry is dependent on the branding for creating its image to the customers. The brand image of the business is essential for the business to create value as well as position its business separately. Further, brand designing is connected with some other marketing factors such as group influence, economic growth, marketing campaigning and purchasing power. However, these factors cannot control the effect of branding as all of these factors are associated with the success of branding process. People are more prone to brand image of M&S instead of quality of the clothing products in the stores. So, surveyed result has expressed that brand value of the company is higher than that of quality of the product. The objective of significance of brand value of M&S is clearly explained in the survey by this result where branding can create more sales instead of other factors. The brand designing is more effective due to influencing a specific group as well as word of mouth among the customers. the trustworthiness of brand can be enhanced by word of mouth among the cstomers. It also enhances the brand loyalty among the customers due to high level of satisfaction regarding M&S. it helps to ensure positioning new products in competitive retail market.

Linking with objective 2: To determine the various factors affecting customer purchasing behaviour

There are several factors, which play crucial role in retail business. These factors are essential as well as are influential to set up the purchasing behaviour of the customers in the UK. The factor like satisfaction of the customers is essential to influence the purchasing decision of the customers. Further, satisfaction can shift the buying behaviour of the customers towards negative side and customers can shift its tastes in other brands. Therefore, purchasing behaviour of customers can be influenced by attribute like satisfaction that is inherent to a customer internally. Additionally, supply chain of the products is a critical issue for evaluating the purchasing behaviour of the customers. M&S has faced severe challenge in supply chain of clothing segment due to unavailability of products mainly. Customers have grievances regarding frequent unavailability of same brands in clothing in M&S stores. In addition to this, customers of M&S have expressed their views regarding current fashion statement. The responders have found that fashion statement has become stagnant recently in the UK due to lack of innovation. Such issues indicate that purchasing behaviour is influenced by innovation as well as availability of inventories. Purchasing behaviour can be shifted due to unavailability of products in the stores as customers might be addicted towards the substitute products after long-haul wait. Other factors regarding purchasing behaviour are not necessary for M&S as its stores have started operating via online mode to sell products to its customers.

Linking with objective 3: To assess the impact brand design creates on customer purchasing behaviour at M&S

Brand design by using online presence in M&S has clearly incorporated an influence on the purchasing behaviour of the customers. M&S has started to position its brand in online mode to its customers. Customers can select its products in individual webpage of the company. In this way, the selection of the products ensures to book the orders for the customers before finishing of the inventories. However, the customers can collect the clothing products from the physical stores after scrutinising the same for best fittings and satisfaction. Therefore, brand positioning of the stores has influenced purchasing intention of the young customers mainly as these people have found this concept as interesting for buying clothing. The new brand design by separate website dedicated towards M&S products has helped the company to ensure the customers to search their tastes easily. In addition to this, the customers are able to select their finding and book the items in online market before the entire stock out if that particular clothing. The individual online marketing channel of M&S has created special brand image among the young customers in the country. However, it can be concluded that customers are more interested to collect and verify their booked orders physically from M&S stores. The purchasing behaviour of forty percentages of customers has shifted towards click and collect-in-store service influencing customers’ behaviour significantly.

Linking with objective 4: To recognize the issues M&S confronts in association to the research variables and thereby provide suggestions to enhance its brand design relate the same with customers’ purchasing behaviour

The study has found several issues of M&S in designing brand. The main issue is unavailability of products in clothing segment. Further, the study has found that local couriers are not much reliable to the customers as well as the logistics of online supply in clothing section. The branding issue of the company is to position its fashion accessories to all types of customers by retaining huge number of collections. However, the issue of purchasing behavior of the customers is mainly driven by brad designing as well as designing the supply chain of M&S. In this context, the management has tried to change the inventories as well as branding to capture the attention of the customers. Further, customers’ behavior related to verifying the online booking in physical store is a typical issue for M&S. the issue has grown due to fraudulent courier service as well as poor logistics supply of retail companies. The purchasing behavior of the customers is influenced mainly by individual platform in online market by M&S. The change in online branding strategy has become costlier proposition for the company. However, it can be concluded that individual website of the company for online marketing has become an attractive branding strategy for changing the purchasing intention of the customers. The separate website has provided a dedicated service towards the loyal customers of M&S for better purchasing experience of the buyers. Thus, the customers can change the behavior of buying products from online portal of M&S currently as it can match with their intention of finding the best possible cloth.


T is recommended to employ flexible buying option for the customers in M&S so that young people become attracted towards the brand. The brand designing must incorporate flexible online logistics for supplying orders to the customers. The studied information recommends that the management must include special discount to click and collect from stores by the customers. It would encourage the customers to visit the stores with booked orders and store representatives can demonstrate other clothing linen to those people. Further, the management must employ special route to maintain availability of clothing in the store. It is important for maintaining brand image of the company. Additionally, the management must consider to achieve psychological advantage due to new brand design of its existing customers to retain these people in future.


The study has conducted the primary research among 70 customers of M&S. However, it could be conducted among more people. So, it is recommended to conduct the research by extending sample size as it is very small comparing with population size of customers of the company. In addition to this, the research has future scope to induce different customer’s behaviour models to evaluate the purchasing intention as well as buying behaviour of the customers in retail segment. The study is bounded within M&S only whereas it does not represent the entire retail sector of the UK. Thereby, researcher can conduct further research to assess the trend in other companies. This paper can investigate change in customer behaviour due to branding with different demography for different group of people by employing clustered sample.


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