Dissertation Abstract

The dissertation abstract chapter comes just before you start writing the introduction section. Students often put maximum information in this section without understanding the fact that only limited yet relevant content needs to be placed. The abstract is the summary of the entire dissertation which includes the crucial elements of the research in a condensed form. This part of the dissertation should be written in not more than 200 words.

Before writing the abstract you must attain clarity about it. Let us first understand what the abstract is all about.

 What is dissertation abstract?

The abstract is a crucial aspect of your dissertation and is presented at the beginning of the research. It is actually the foremost substantive description of your research which the evaluator reads. Since this section is a summary of the entire investigation; it can be seen as an opportunity to set a level of expectations for the reader.

A good dissertation has a crisp abstract having all the relevant information about the research question. Therefore, it is necessary to jot down all the relevant details about the research and write their descriptions as precisely as possible.

The importance of dissertation abstract

The abstract section of the dissertation actually highlights the major points that are covered in the investigation. It is a summary which must not be written in more than 200 words. While writing the abstract you must ensure that it is concise. Also, the use of references and quotes must be completely avoided in this part of the dissertation.

A dissertation abstract precisely presents the content as well as the scope of the research and further reviews the contents in a shortened format.

How to write a dissertation abstract?

Following are some of the tips to write the abstract:

  • While drafting the abstract you must specifically include the main parts of the dissertation which are the purpose, methods, scope, results, conclusions and the recommendations.  
  • You should use proper headings, outlines and a table of contents as a guide for your reader.
  • In case you choose to write an abstract about a previously written dissertation, then you must meticulously read the introduction and summary section. After reading these sections you can make a rough draft of the abstract.
  • Make sure that you don’t blindly copy the key sentences from the reference dissertation.
  • You should not completely depend or rely upon the writing style of the chosen reference dissertation and rather frame and summarize the abstract in your own style.
  • Revise the rough draft and rectify the mistakes if any.
  • Drop unnecessary information and improvise the transitions from point to point.
  • Make sure that the abstract doesn’t have any grammatical and punctuation errors.
  • Finally, make the final draft

Although, the abstract is one of the shortest parts of the dissertation; however, it comprises of important information which must be presented in a very crisp and interesting manner. Taking help from abstract writing services can also prove to be helpful for students who find difficulties in writing their dissertations.



The study on evaluating the customers’ behaviour due to brand designing in the retail sector of the UK has provided specific objectives. The objectives are related to the performance of branding maintained by S&P. the main objective of this study was to derive brand designing as an important factor for evaluating the customers’ purchasing decisions. The research had the objectives of critically assess the factors influencing the branding process in retail business. The report has presented standard literature reviews by evaluating the peer- reviewed journals in related work. Additionally, the study has deduced hypothesis from the gap of past papers to test the degree of impact on purchasing behaviour in this country. The methodology of the study has followed positivist way with the deductive approach to create the hypothesis. In this paper, the researcher has conducted the study with 70-sample size to evaluate the change in customers’ behaviour due to brand designing by using the mixed method. The study has proved that brand designing has a positive impact on the customer’s purchasing behaviour in the retail sector. Further, this paper has contributed towards recommending some new implementation in the system of M&S to attract more customers with brand designing.

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