Our writing services is geared towards catering to each and every type of paper that a student usually comes across during high school, undergraduate, masters and PhD levels.

We spend a lot of time and resources in hiring writers with critical thinking ability, proficient domain expertise and training them through industry best-practices. Our robust quality review framework and infrastructure helps us to ensure that we deliver a wide range of paper writing services and that are customised to the student’s exact requirements. The major type of paper writing services are:

Essay Writing Services

Types of Essay Writing Services:

Essays are writing assignments that look to explore a particular topic. The writer is usually expected to research the topic, form an opinion or thesis statement and justify the opinion with the help of relevant arguments.

Each argument should be substantiated with the help of valid sources and facts. It’s interesting that even though there are different types of essays, our writers have extensive experience in all of them. Our essay paper writing services cover an extensive range of essay types.

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Research Paper Services

Types of Research Paper Services:

  • Research Outline
  • Research Proposal
  • Research Summary
  • Research Project

Research papers are longer documents (7-10 pages) that require gathering reliable external sources in order to form an argument. Our writers deeply understand the importance of sourcing and can help you with everything from an outline to the entire document.

Research papers are generally explorative in nature, meaning, that the purpose of this paper is the gather information regarding the topic, evaluate and analyse the information with the help of critical thinking methods and provide a conclusion and recommendation.

Research paper writers need to develop an in-depth understanding of the topic and usually analyse the subject matter with the help of frameworks or analytical models relevant to the subject. Research paper writing services are geared to ensure in-depth research, appropriate data collection and use of varied analytical tools.

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Report Writing Services

Types of Report Writing Services:

  • Business Report
  • Book Report
  • Research Report
  • Management Consultancy Report
  • Article Review Report
  • Business Plan Report

A report is similar to a research paper. However, the objective of a report changes according to the type of report. The writing tone of the report is usually professional, as against the academic writing style used in most other college papers.

The structure of the report generally remains the same but can differ depending upon the type of report. For example, a book report will be structured differently than a marketing audit report or business plan report. Again a management consultancy report is structured differently than a research report. Our research report paper writers ensure appropriate structure is maintained so that your reports appear professional and well-formatted.

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Dissertation Writing Services

Dissertation Chapters:

Dissertations are long detailed research projects, usually, carries the final grade for a course. A dissertation is supposed to be 30-50 pages long and should have a clear research objective, aim, rationale, questions and occasionally, hypothesis.

A dissertation is usually categorised into 5 distinct and very important chapter – Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Findings and Analysis (sometimes findings and analysis are two separate chapters as well), Conclusion and Recommendations.

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Services by subject type

Services by Subject

Our subject experts are hired from varied backgrounds with professional or academic experience. This ensures realistic and professional execution of all subject-related papers. Our focus lies on Management, Finance, Accounts, Tourism, Sociology, English, History and list of other subjects.

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Services by citation style

Popular types:

Different disciplines like – arts, medicine, business, scientific research, etc. require different types of citation and formatting styles for the respective papers. We use state-of-the-art updated citation applications to ensure that the latest version of all citation styles is available to our experts.

Miscellaneous services

Popular types:

There many other miscellaneous types of services which are not as easily categorised. They range from coursework, powerpoint presentations, infographics, creating videos, blog commenting, drama review, movie review and many more. All such services are quoted after understanding the requirement of the students.

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