Analysing the Impact of Employee Performance on Effective Service Delivery and Customer Attraction in Hotel Industry of UK: A Case Study of Hilton Hotel

1.0 Title:

The impact of employee performance on effective service delivery and customer attraction in hotel industry of UK: a case study on Hilton hotel

2.0 Context of the study:

The competition in the global hospitality sector is increasing day by day, As a result, it has become very important to the organisations to attract and retain potential customers to achieve higher sustainability in the marketplace. As stated by Furrer et al. (2005), customer attraction depends on basic variable effective service delivery. However, effective service delivery depends on the performance of the staff towards the customer. Considering the fact, Parasuraman et al. (2008) cited that the UK hotel industry is mainly lacking from effective customer service and performance of the workforce.

Positive employee performance makes customers satisfied and eventually the customer wants to consume services from that brand. However, the reverse case would fail to achieve customer loyalty and it would reduce the brand loyalty of the firm (Russ-Eft, 2004). Hilton hotel is one of the leading hospitality organisations in the UK. Majority of the customers were found satisfied with the services offered by Hilton hotel which increases its customer retention ration in the global market.  However, Zeithaml (2008) argued that many other leading hotels in the UK are experiencing problems about attracting and retaining potential customers which is effectively reducing the brand value. Present study would focus on analysing how the employee performance could influence the attraction ratio of the potential customers.

3.0 Rationale for the study:

What is the research issue?

Effective service delivery holds an important position in attracting loyal customers to the brand. From the last few years, the brand loyalty of the UK service industry is found decreasing in nature. The main issue of this research is how the service delivery is getting reflected by the performance of employee and the co relation between service delivery and the customer attraction ratio.

Why it is an issue?

Present scenario describes that the UK hotel industry is serving more and more new customers rather than serving old customers. The repeated visit ratio has been reduced from the last few years. Reduced customer service might be the reason of the present condition. Current issue is to analyse the impact of employee performance on attracting potential customers in the UK hospitality sector.

Why it is an issue now?

Increased competition among the market players has been raised from the last few years. As a result, the requirement of providing after purchase services to the customers has become an urgency to retain potential customers. Most of the organisations are failing to do the same due to the lacking in employee performance. As a result, the organisational brand value is getting decreased.

How this research can benefit future development?

This study would provide clear picture about the pitfalls of the UK hotel industry. On the other hand, this study can be applied to other industry and a comparative study between two varied segments can be conducted on the same.



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