Marketing Essay Topics

Marketing concept and philosophy denote that organisation should strive to satisfy its customers’ demands. Marketing essay topics need to highlight one very specific element of marketing, a company or industry (this makes it easier to analyse) and a territory (UK, USA, China, Australia, or wherever else the writer is knowledgeable about).

There are several areas in marketing management like strategic marketing, social media marketing, international marketing, digital marketing, traditional marketing, relationship marketing and viral marketing

marketing essay topics

Strategic marketing essay topics

  • Analyse and determine the consumer buying behaviour for luxury cars in the UK market
  • Analysis of consumer decision making behaviour towards Zomato
  • Evaluate the market strategies of automobile companies in the UK
  • analyse the branding strategies taken by the health insurance industry to enhance customer engagement
  • How brand design impacts on customers’ purchasing decisions
  • Strategies taken by the fashion industry in the UK to keep up the latest trends

Social media marketing essay topics

  • How far the customers are influenced by social media marketing?
  • Does content marketing via social media create greater engagement?
  • How social media can impact marketing strategies?
  • Social media’s future in marketing and business
  • Social media and marketing: a look at marketing since Facebook and Twitter exploded
  • Social media and a look at hospitality and management marketing
  • The role of social media marketing in the hotel marketing sector
  • Social media and its impact on international marketing today

International marketing essay topics

  • What marketing strategies the retail brands are taking to expand in the international market?
  • Does brand image help organisation convince new customers in international markets?
  • Are merger and partnership is effective international marketing strategies?
  • How far the organisations taking the support of online platforms to create beforehand brand present in a new market?
  • Is it necessary for a brand to have success in the domestic market before international penetration?

Digital marketing essay topics

  • Analysis and recommendations on a website’s SEO – A Case Study of
  • Evaluating customers’ Interest on Mobile Food Ordering App
  • What characteristics are preferred by customers for online search during product purchase?
  • Evaluate the Impact of appearance and visual effects online marketing creates towards target audience
  • Discuss the metrics required to promote products through digital platforms
  • How to optimise a website for “off limit” keywords in SEO?

Traditional marketing essay topics

  • How customers can protect themselves from deceiving direct marketing techniques?
  • How direct marketing influence customer’s behaviours?
  • How direct marketing help organisations to maintain a good relationship with customers?
  • Do customers react more to direct or digital marketing?
  • How direct marketing influence children on their consumption habits?
  • Are the brands using traditional marketing are enforced to use digital marketing techniques for customer involvement?

Relationship marketing essay topics

  • A detailed study on the Impact of public relations in organisations
  • How does product quality affect customer loyalty among high and low touch products?
  • Why has Tesco’s loyal card scheme been successful where competitors’ schemes have not?
  • Are switching costs effective barriers to customer churn in the airline industry?
  • How can charge a premium price over rivals such as
  • What are the motivations and expectations behind loyalty schemes?
  • How and why does the relationship marketing-traditional marketing continuum vary within an industry?

Viral marketing essay topics

  • Evaluate the impact of viral marketing on brand awareness
  • Does social media influence viral marketing for digital products?
  • Does viral marketing is responsible for e-commerce success?
  • Analyse the impact of brand equity through viral marketing
  • Identify the factors leading to negative perception in viral marketing

Word of mouth marketing essay topics

  • Does Electronic Word of Mouth influence online purchase decision-making?
  • The Impact of Word of Mouth on consumer purchasing behaviour in personal care division?
  • Examining the value of Word of Mouth as a marketing tool for FMCG products
  • Viral Marketing Communication: The Internet Word of Mouth
  • What are the triggering factors for Word of Mouth marketing?
  • Does Online word-of-mouth – Influences on brand perceptions and choices
  • Analysing the substantial effects of Word of Mouth marketing in telecommunications Industry




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