Amazing 10 Step Guide to Writing Professional Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is a type of writing assignment which aims at convincing the readers regarding a particular subject or issues related to it. Writing such type of essay may prove to be challenging especially for the beginners. Right from the time of selection of the topic till the time you conclude the same; the persuasive essays demand a lot. The author must possess great writing capabilities to present the chosen topic in a unique way which not everyone has.

guide to writing persuasive essay

But there are sure shot ways to draft such essays

While drafting persuasive essays, the prime focus of the author must be to influence the reader and leave an everlasting impact on them. The writing tone must be such that the reader in engaged till the end and is completely convinced about the claims made by you in the conclusion section. This isn’t an easy task especially for the beginners as many of the fresh writers fail to make a convincing claim.

Are you trying hard to work on such persuasive essays?

If you are in such a situation and are unable to cope up with the pressure, then reading this article would be the best option for you. With the help of this article, we tend to educate you regarding persuasive essay. We will let know the types of topics which fall under persuasive essay and how you can draft the best persuasive essay.

What is a Persuasive essay?  

As the name suggests, the main purpose of the persuasive essay is to persuade the reader. It should be written in such a way that the reader is convinced with your opinion and completely agree with the conclusion made by you. A persuasive topic should always be structured in a concise manner. Further, it should be well defined, attractive and obviously debatable. The chosen topic of your essay should state your position. While writing such an essay, you should always avoid including facts to your topic as they are not debatable.

There are a variety of topics from which you can choose the most appropriate one for yourself. Let us take a look at the topics which fall under the category of a persuasive essay.

Topics related to education: An example for such topic is ‘Do the students actually need Spanish classes?

Topics related to politics: for instance, ‘Should the politicians be permitted to accept campaign contributions from the corporate sector?’

Topics related to Law: for example, ‘Should there be a death penalty for violent criminals?’

Topics related to Social Media: for example, ‘Should the students be allowed to use Facebook for communicating?’

Topics related to health care: for example, ‘Should healthcare facilities be made free in our country?’

And so on.

There are several genres on which persuasive or argumentative essay can , but. However, the only thing which should be kept in mind while drafting them in the way the topic is presented. It should be written in such way that it triggers the thought process of the reader.

Although, writing a persuasive essay isn’t that easy; but there are several hacks through which they can be written appropriately. Let us take a look at the techniques through which these essays can the information relating to the.

How to write the best persuasive essay?

Make a reasonable claim: Make a claim which is acceptable and understandable by the target readers. Putting exact and to the point information makes things much easier for you. Try not to stuff in inappropriate information.

Gather the evidence: While writing a persuasive essay, you must think like the way your target reader would do. Try and collect information which suits your claim in the best possible way.

Face the actual facts: Believe it or not, you need to keep in mind the facts and figures while drafting a persuasive essay. Try and compare the facts with your opinion as this helps you in persuading the reader quickly.

Perform Self-analysis:  Analyse your viewpoint and discuss the opposing points. Once you analyze both the aspects of your chosen topics you are in a position to conclude in an apt way.

Polish the information through research:  In order to ensure that your views and opinions are accurate you must carry out a research. Once you conduct the research, you have proven evidence regarding your views and opinions.

Conclude precisely: This section is most important one. You must provide all the information regarding the supporting evidence and conclude them effectively. This section must be convincing enough to persuade the reader to agree with your views.

With the help of these steps you can structure your persuasive essays in the most efficient way. However, many of the students still face difficulties in drafting the essays due to lack of time and stringent deadlines. Such students can choose the alternative ways to write the assignment. If you want to know about this option, you must read further.

Alternative options to write excellent persuasive essays

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