Amazing 10 Step Guide to Writing Superior Argumentative Essay

Essays are generally of four types – argumentative essay, analytical essay and persuasive essay. You can find guides to writing persuasive, analytical and expository essays as well.

An Argumentative Essay is one of the essay writing formats wherein the pros and cons of a particular topic can be discussed. For instance, one can confer their opinion about a topic and can either write for or against it. It is a kind of persuasive essay where one can present a strong argument and support the points with evidence. Although, this is an effective writing style where one can put forward their views; it is always good to present both sides of a particular argument.

guide to writing argumentative essay

Writing an argumentative essay isn’t an easy task. It not only requires a good hold over the language but also demands in-depth knowledge about the topic to be written. You may have formed a particular opinion about a topic; however, you can’t draft an essay if you don’t have elaborate knowledge about the said topic. As they say, there are two sides of a coin; you must have adequate information about pros and cons of the topic to write an apposite essay. But if you aren’t aware of various intricacies of the topic then it may definitely be a daunting task for you.

Worried already? Read along, and you’ll find your solution

If you are having a tough time drafting an appropriate argumentative essay and are unable to gather necessary information about the assigned topic, then you are at the right place. Once you read this article, all your queries related to essay writing will be clarified.

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All you need to know about Argumentative Essay Writing

Argumentative essay writing is actually a format wherein the writer discusses the positive as well as the negatives of a topic. Both the arguments are discussed in detail before reaching a final conclusion which can either be for or against the said topic. While drafting such essays one must understand the fact that the chosen topic must be arguable and allows the writer to create an open-ended title. You can find over 400+ collated list of argumentative essay topics here.

All in all the title must contain words like ‘evaluate’, ‘discuss’ or critique. Once the title is decided extensive research must be conducted about the topic to attain maximum knowledge. This helps in studying both pros and cons of an argument and forming an opinion about the same.

One thing that you must keep in mind while digging out the information is its source. The chosen source must be reliable and must have relevant facts and figures about your topic. You can, therefore, look out for trusted sources such as press journal, news publication, literature reviews or interviews. Collating information from these sources may provide you with an apt background for all relevant arguments.

Tips for writing an impressive argumentative essay

Once you are ready with all the relevant information about the chosen topic of the essay, you are ready to start the draft. There are two ways of developing an analytical essay; in the first method you can portray all the arguments in one direction and gradually shun them and favour the other aspect. You can conclude the essay at the end of the entire write-up, or you can put supporting summaries at the end of each paragraph. Summarising the topic at the end allows you to give a final opinion and is also quite engaging.

In the alternative approach, you can present one particular argument at a time and also discuss the counter arguments individually. This makes the entire essay a series of small topics wherein all the aspects of the topic is examined one by one. This method provides a good understanding of the topic and helps in understanding the intricacies of a chosen topic.

5 Steps of drafting an argumentative essay

As discussed earlier, writing an essay isn’t an easy task. It requires an elaborate understanding of the selected topic and extensive knowledge about the same. Apart from that, you must follow proper writing format and style.     

  1. First, you must start with the introduction listing the most important points about the topic to give a brief idea about the entire write-up to the reader. While writing the introduction, you should present your views about the subject in brief. You must also put forward the entire issue and state the supporting points. This part of the essay must be short and compact.
  2. Once you are done with the introduction, you should start elaborating your views, arguments and opinion about the topic. You can write supporting statements about your viewpoints and provide strong evidence for the arguments respectively. A detailed description about each and every argument may give a proper understanding of the entire topic to the reader. Make sure you frame this part in an interesting and engaging manner.
  3. Finally, you must write a concluding paragraph stating your final opinion. You must briefly re-state your arguments in a convincing manner in this section.
  4. If you want the reader to stick along your write-up till the end you must present the entire essay in an attractive manner. The catch is that you don’t need to use flowery language. Making use of simple language with informative sub-headings can make the write-up engaging.
  5. Always remember to proof-read your essay to check the grammar and spellings. Improper language and grammar may distract the reader. Therefore, it is necessary to structure the write-up in such a manner that the reader attains maximum knowledge about the topic.

In a nutshell, an analytical essay may not be that easy to write; a lot needs to be done before you start writing. It is always suggested to write a rough draft before you start writing the final essay. This lets you jot down essential points and arguments. Also, a rough draft may help you in putting up information from various sources and selecting the most relevant ones for the final write up.

So if you are planning to write an essay and aren’t sure how to go about it, you must follow the tips. These will surely help you in presenting the most engaging argumentative essay.


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