Essay Topics – Secret Sauce to Essay Success

Essay topics are all important! No, that’s not my opinion, that’s my experience. You see, an essay starts with a topic. It’s more than a title or a statement. It should represent your stand point; your point of view; your opinion. Why? Because, the point of an essay is to showcase your ability to think critically. Now, finding an essay topic example online is quite easy, but your chances of really shining through your essay is also minimised.


essay topics


Why you need to write your own essay topic

The reason being most of the essay topics you will find, you will also need to research to gain an understanding. Instead, spend the same amount of time, in thinking of a topic that is current and you might have a background on, within your subject or discipline.

You might need to research a bit to find which topics have more material available online for research.

Subject-based essay topics

For that, you can find our assorted list on subject wise essay topics which can help you find more information than other lesser prevalent topics:

  • Marketing topic
  • Human resources topics
  • Operational management topics
  • Finance topics
  • Project management topics
  • Accounting topics
  • English literature topics
  • Psychology topics
  • Tourism topics
  • Sociology topics
  • Information Technology (IT) topics
  • Education topics
  • History topics
  • Process topics
  • Nutrition topics
  • Cosmetology topics
  • Nursing topics

Paper type based essay topics

Alternatively, you could also try searching for essay topics based on your essay type:

  • Argumentative topics
  • Compare and contrast topics
  • Descriptive topics
  • Cause and effect topics
  • College topics
  • Admissions topics
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK) topics
  • Persuasive topics
  • Common application topics
  • GRE topics
  • SAT topics


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How to write your own essay topics

All that you can find on other articles on our site. But in this article, we are going to show you how to write the best essay topic on your own.

Step 1 – Area

First, figure out an area of your subject that you like, read or have discussed. Let’s say, for example, you are an MBA student with major in Marketing. Assuming you are passionate about marketing, you might be reading articles on

pricing strategies e-commerce companies use to attract customers,


How smartphone companies are pricing their products to penetrate the market. Now there are a ton of information available online and almost periodically various credible publications like the wallstreetjournal or Forbes or entrepreneur cover these areas.

Step 2 – Company

Now that you have centred around the area of your subject you have been reading up on, you need to find an organisation or company that you are passionate about. Some might be passionate about, others might like Apple.

The reason you need to find a company you are passionate about, is because it gives you the advantage to have background information.

This helps you in two ways – 1) you have less to research, 2) you can analyse critically. ‘Critically’ being the keyword.

Step 3 – Research

Once you have found out the area and the primary company, you need to research about the various perspectives available online regarding the latest happenings in that niche. So, for example, Apple has decided to cut down its iPhone SE prices.

There is a lot of chatter surrounding these subjects, and you will find a lot of valuable information. Which sites to choose? Which information to take and which not? Read more about how to find credible information here.

Step 4 – Start drawing

Find a perspective. Get a pen or a pencil and take a notepad. Now, this step is very important. This helps you zero-in on your thesis statement, your arguments and your possible conclusions.

Note: If you are using two or more companies, this step will make your life more easier than you can imagine; especially important for compare and contrast essays.

Start by writing your area – “pricing”

Then write your company – “Apple”

Now, write the cause or subject of your topic – “price reduction for iPhone SE”

Finally, comes the effect or predicate of your topic – “profitability”

See, even though you might not realise in the beginning what your topic is precisely going to be, once to start drawing this flow chart and researching the incident or event, you start seeing a cause and effect relationship.

Note: Any good essay will always evaluate a cause and effect relationship. Any good essay will open the conversation from both points of view. This helps to keep the essay neutral and analysis without bias.

Finally, you have arrived at your topic

“The impact of reducing the price of iPhone SE on Apple’s profitability”

If you had not noticed it yet, by the time you finished writing this topic, you would have already a certain amount of information to form your thesis statement and your first arguments. This gives you a head start to proceed with the planning your essay.

Hope you liked our process and it helps you learn and score high. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to share with us below.



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