15 Dos and Donts for Awesome Essay Writing

Essay writing may not be everyone’s cup of tea; the writer needs to have excellent writing skills and ability to think and analyse the given topic in a unique way. Therefore, the students often find difficulties while doing their custom essay writing assignments. However, by following few essay writing tips drafting an essay may become a much easier task for the students. Professionals understand it, but students might not be aware that there is a lot involved while writing a custom essay.

But by keeping in mind the do’s and don’ts you can draft essays in the perfect manner.



One of the major issues that the students face while drafting essays is the inability to insert the required information in an attractive and engaging manner. In the rush to meet the deadlines they often put the information shabbily which loses the essence of the topic. Further, the students may fail to get good grades because of improper writing abilities.

Are you having a tough time writing your essay appropriately?

Custom essay writing services understand these steps perfectly and take advantage of this knowledge to deliver a premium quality custom essay every time, just like we do as assignmenthelpsolutions.com (not blow my own trumpet). Through this article, you will get to know about the do’s and don’ts of essay writing following which you may be able to write your essay assignments effectively.

The Essay writing Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Do Make your essay easy to read: Since the evaluators have ample essay papers to check, they usually skim through the document to know whether the students have attained understanding about the topic or not. They may not read each line of your essay if it isn’t interesting. Use bullets points wherever possible.
  2. Do put your thesis statement in the introduction section: Never forget to put the thesis statement at the intro section. The thesis statement presents the exact idea of the topic to the readers in the beginning.
  3. Do use transition between various sections: Using the transition will connect one section’s content with the next one and the reader won’t lose track of the essay. Following are some of the transition you may use – “Regarding this”, “Speaking about this”, “With regards to this etc.”
  4. Do Include examples: Examples from literature or scientific work etc must be cited as it leaves a convincing impact on the reader.
  5. Do write the essay in the present tense: historical present or narrative present always makes a write-up interesting and engaging as it increases the feeling of presence.
  6. Do respond to the prompt of the topic: While writing an academic assignment you must always stick to the prompt. If the prompt is intricate and comprises of several parts then you must analyse the final draft and check whether you have included each point of the essay prompt.
  7. Do use simple statements: Simple and straightforward statements always make an essay attractive and interesting to read.
  8. Do try to use advanced vocabulary: The aim of the essay is not only to showcase your knowledge about the given topic but also reveal your talent of presenting appropriate vocabulary. Therefore, you must try to use advanced words and phrases.
  9. Do choose the appropriate type, style and format: Proper style and format leaves that first impression on the reader which is actually required.
  10. Do write an elaborate body: The body is a section wherein maximum introduction is being included. Therefore, you must put in as much information in this section as possible.
  11. Do write a precise conclusion: The conclusion section must be precise and to-the-point. Don’t forget to write supporting statements in this section.
  12. Do revise the document thoroughly: Once you complete your essay, make sure you revise it thoroughly to check the errors.
  13. Do present fresh ideas: Your topic may be common but you can surely put some unique perspective to it and present fresh ideas.
  14. Do maintain the flow: Try to maintain the flow and make sure that the topic doesn’t lose its track.
  15. Do make the essay convincing: Your writing style should be such that it convinces the readers. By following the above-mentioned tips you may surely be able to write your essay assignment in an attractive manner. If you are still facing issues you may opt for essay writing services online.


  1. Do not use large paragraphs: This not only makes the content boring but also less interesting for the readers.
  2. Do not elaborate the intro section: You need to present the thesis statement in a very precise manner without elaborating it. Put minimum yet important information in this section.
  3. Do not use negative language: Negative suffixes and phrases with negation should always be avoided. Usually, such statements are not pleasant for the readers.
  4. Do not overdo with the information: The examples and information included by you must be relevant and apt. Don’t overwhelm the essay with information as the topic may lose its track.
  5. Do not avoid grammatical errors: Always make sure that you check the grammar before making the final submission. An essay with grammatical error leaves a negative impact on the readers.
  6. Do not use too many clichés: Not all clichés are essential for your essay. Your evaluators expect original and unique content from you. Therefore, you must put forth fresh and innovative ideas.
  7. Do not let the wrong spelling spoil the show: Always do spell checks to ensure all the errors are removed from the document.
  8. Do not start the essay with phrases like my essay, in this essay etc: Writing the introduction with the thesis statement is more than enough to let the reader know about the topic. Phrases like ‘in my essay’ or ‘I am going to focus on’ aren’t interesting to read.
  9. Do not let the document become lengthy: While formatting makes sure the information is presented in an attractive and precise manner. Do not make the document look lengthy else the reader may lose interest by just looking at it.
  10. Do not include information from irrelevant sources: Make sure that the information that you include in the body section is extracted from reliable sources. Do check the reliability of the chosen source of information.
  11. Do not elongate the conclusion section: Do not clog the conclusion section with too much information in order to prove your view. Try and make this section as short as possible.
  12. Do not forget to cite the sources: Citing the sources will help your evaluators in knowing whether the information presented by you is genuine or not.
  13. Do not plagiarise: Never copy content from the sources. Taking ideas is acceptable, copying content isn’t.
  14. Do not address the reader: Never address the reader while writing an essay as it is more a mark of fiction than an academic essay.
  15. Do not repeat information. Make sure to include enough information but do not repeat the information as it may make the essay monotonous and boring.

Now go ahead and try these custom essay writing tips to become an essay writing machine and write that awesome essay that everybody wants.


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